Hi, my name is Jim. By day I work on the internet, used to be a musician and collector.

As for this site, I used to gather pictures and information online and in the used music stores in and around Chicago. Now automated searches populate all the odd keyboard models, pictures, and info. If you have any info, pictures, brochures, etc… that I am missing, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me! Thanks for visiting.

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  • Hi there, I was wondering if you could please help me in trying to tune a Farfisa Bravo 61?
    I’ve looked at every site and video possible but none deal specifically with the Bravo 61. All of the videos and sites mention these internal tuning screws which can be turned to tune each note, but there doesn’t appear to be any on the boards inside my Bravo 61. There are some trim pots which can be turned, but these affect things such as sustain etc rather than note tuning.
    Any information at all would be a huge help,
    Thanks alot,
    Michael x

  • Meinhard Leitich says:

    Dear Jim,
    I have a Farfisa Golden voice III, and the motor is almost dead, it screeches very loud. I think the axle bearings are damaged. I can remove the small wooden box, where the motor and the fan are inside, but i cannot find the company, where to I could send the box and which coud do the repair. Is there a posibility for a repair somewhere?
    Best regards

  • Bennie Goetweiss says:

    Hello Jim ,

    In my search for an owners manual i landed on your ‘museum’-page but couldn’t find what i was looking for.

    With the help of Bontempi-Farfisa after sales service i finally managed to get a pdf version of the 7XII

    live partner owners manual (quality not all that – but readable)

    -shared it on matrixsynth.com ,this link is via them ;

    Keep up the good work and all the best to you in 2015 !


    (ps. if your interested in having one -pm- me , mine is up for sale )

  • Hello, I’m trying to find the value for my neighbor who has inherited a Farfisfa organ. I have Mod No. 112467 Can you help?

  • Can anyone help me find the year of an organ belonging to my neighbor. The family wants to sell it and I’m atttempting to help them. I have this information:
    Mod No 112467
    Serial No 6555 981
    Thank you, Lynette

  • Hello,
    My friend got me Farfisa Pianorgan 1 as a present. It works well, but the front grille is missing. Is there a a way to locate it or, at list, a parts list with drawings, so one can me made?
    Any help is appreciated.

  • Dear jim,

    I came in possession of a Farfisa proffesional duo organ. I myself have no interest in using the organ and i also have no idea about it. I’m wondering if you could help me evaluating the value of it, so i can sell it to someone with passion for the instrument. I can send you pictures of it and keep contact through mail, if you feel like helping me out.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Anders Boelt says:

    Hi Jim, I hope you can help. My brother left me a Farfisa a73 amplifier in my basement. I want to sell it, but cant find any information about the amplifier. Do you have any suggestions in regards to price, or where to find any additional information.

    Kind regards

  • Rathin Gupta ( Mr ) says:

    Hi Jim, We would be delighted if you can help us. We have the following
    information for our FARFISA Organ
    *MOD256 RK/*Model no. 112462-E/*Serial no. 6397//54/ *EDP 1124621.1/
    * Made in Italy
    Any information such as actual model Fast,VIP etc or where to find more info would be most helpful
    kind regards,

  • Andre Chenier says:

    I try found the schematic of organ farfisa model 4290-R I have one but Iwould like to repair it
    because all D note are off. I am electronic tchenicien. Thanks André Chénier

  • Moa Nyman says:

    I work as a propmanager in Sweden with the production Jersey Boys (on stage in Stockholm)
    I am trying to find a picture of the back of an Farfisa Organ so I can make a replica for the stage. Do you by any chance have a picture of a similar organ tha Bob Goudi (member of the band The Four Season) played on. I realise that he must have played on several but I am mostly interested in the wooden one that appear on the bands early tv-performances. If you have any idea how that organ looks on the back where the keys are I would be so happy. If you dont have acess to a photograh you might now what kind of Farfisa organ he is playing on
    Kind regards
    Moa Nyman

  • Andrew Tarczali says:

    Hi Bennie!

    Maximal thanks for farfisa seven X-II manual!!!!!!
    May was search maybe 10-15 years ago…

  • Hello Jim. I’ve recently acquired a Farfisa Pianorgan II. It’s in great working condition. It says it’s a product of Ancona Italy with a # 14952 on it. Underneath it reads, Distributed Exclusively by RCA Victor Company LTD. Montreal, Canada. It also reads Model # 111, Volts 105/125 cycles 60, Amps 0.3. I’m hoping you might have more information on this unit, as well, I’m curious to know what someone might pay to own a Farfisa Pianorgan II. I’ve been trying to locate a Pianorgan II, but all I keep finding are I’s & III’s. Any and all info. you might have would be much appreciated. I also have the original songbook it must have come with, as well as other sheet music for the unit. Thanks for your time. – J.

  • Hi Jim
    Do you have the schematics for the wonderful POLYCHROME?
    It would be very nice to hear from you.
    Thank you and best regards.

  • Paul Griffiths says:

    Hi. My Godmother who’s 92 needs to get rid of her Farfisa Golden Voice Spinet Organ which she was given, after it was no longer needed in Church. She has played the organ in church for over 75 years, and when the newer church closed down in the 1980’s they gave her the electric organ, and she continued to play the old pump organ, in the older church.

    I have images of the organ which I can send, and I’m not sure if its in working condition or not. I tried to play it, but didn’t sound too healthy. She lives in North Wales, near Betws y Coed, and the organ is located at her home. She’d love for it to go to a good home or if anyone can collect it from her. Thanks.

  • Hey Jim,
    Ive got a beautiful 1972 Farfisa VIP 400 I regrettably but desperately need to sell. I am moving and have to condense within a month. And also need some money for the transition. I have seen these sell on ebay for 2 or 3 grand. Alas, the input chord on it is broken. I can see it just needs to be soldered when I take the protective sleeve off. I don’t have the skill or the tools to do that and don’t want to damage anything further. I was thinking I should take it to a specialist to have it fixed and then sell it. But like I said I have a month so it might take a shop 2 weeks or so to fix it.

    I was wondering if you purchase organs yourself for your collection (I’m sure you know these 400s are pretty rare) or do you possibly have someway of advertising on your site? Or just some friendly advice on how to sell it quickly and not lowball myself. Any comment would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Jim!

  • I have some photos of a FF organ that you might be interested in adding to your site it’s Lear Siegler, Farfisa model #112476 Spinet organ, that I don’t see anywhere on your site, and nowhere on the internet. Where can I send them to.?

  • Hello Jim,
    I am a child of the 60’s and still play just oldies on my car radio. Can you tell me which Farfisa keyboard that Mike Smith played with the Dave Clark ? Thank you.

  • Trevor Cunningham says:

    Hey there,

    I’ve tried scouring the Intertubes for schematics/service manual for a Farfisa VIP 200R. Would I be able to suffice with a later model? Or, do you know where I might get my hands on such documents?

  • I came across a Farfisa matador 8o in a storage unit….Can you give me any background on this piece?

  • Hi, does anyone have some information on the Farfisa Matador-A? Couldn’t find the schematics anywhere. Im trying to repair one, if someone could help me getting some IC Datasheets ( SFF 5009E TOP, SN 2973N, SN 72723N) would be a lot of help.

  • Karagiannis John says:

    Hello there. I need a help pls. I have Farfisa G7k in excellent condition but i have loose all the styles from organ due to noobitity of my father and i m searching the programm that could help me to make the styles again from the begging. I had to the past talk with farfisa and they told me that there was a programm that could help me but they had change their building and they couldnt find for now but after that i cant find them. Could someone have this programm and gave it to me pls? Could someone tell me how to make with another way to make my styles? pls Help me guys!

  • Hey Jim,

    Got a few questions about a farfisa pianorgan 1 model No 5132.

    What’s the estimated value? And what was the year it was made?

  • Hello,

    Yesterday I posted a Realistic MusicDeck on eBay and you posted it here on your web site. Then, eBay cancelled my listing because I had used the words “like Farfisa.” Was this your doing?

  • hello im writing from uruguay.. A friend of mine give me an old farfisa 40w amp. is a twin combo with two jensen speakers. i want to repair it but the amp have no valves. I want to know wath valves it use and if you can help me with the wiring diagrams or any help you can thanks!!

  • I am trying to open the case of my Farfisa 2 Pianorgan which I hope to sell but the tuning knob is inside and I need to re fit it. DO you have a service manual to show me how to open it as I do not wanr to damage the varnish or the case?

  • In Camerano, Home of Farfisa, they just opened a brand new museum to the brand and their musical instrument. Really lovely!

  • Michael Vout says:

    I’ve just bought a farfisa dpr 22 rhythm piano. Remarkable quality sound.
    I’m looking for a user manual.Can you help ?
    Many thanks

  • Hello!

    We bought a Farfisa F1.
    Lots of fun for all the family.
    Frustratingly we dont have any manuals/instructions for it.
    Anyone know where we could get one?

  • I have a pianorgan I numbered 5/431. It works great, just some cosmetic usage wear. Do you know how much it might be worth?

  • Robert Szemere says:

    I bough a second hand Furstein day and night piano. It has a silent system but I have not found the right sowtware or and çable to connect it with my notebook. I bought a MIDI USB cable and I see the sign coming out of the piano but I do not hear the sound on the computer. Of course whenever I can I use it as an accoustic piano, but in the evening I have tu use the silent system and the MIDI sound I get as default is not nice. That is why I try to improve it on my notebook.
    Thanks for any help.

  • Hi Jim,

    I’m looking to find a couple of things for a Farfisa Compact Deluxe , i need the fuse and voltage selector , a knob for the reverb volume ? which is missing on the left side. I can send you some pics to let you see and i see some of the keys being slightly out of alignment.

    Thanks a million if you have any info where i can buy such things.

    Majid Mirza

  • Hi, I found you site. Hoping you can help. I need the schematic for a Farfisa Rhythm 10. Might you have it, or can you direct me to where I might find it? Have been searching for a while without success. Thanks in advance.

  • I have a Farfisa Royal Artist Piano 34-Key Reed Organ (No. 33469) in excellent shape, musically speaking. There is no case. Two of the legs are missing the little rubber feet, and there are a few scratches on the top at the very back.
    I would like to sell it for my nonprofit, Island Commons Assisted Living facility (islandcommons.com), which helps islanders age in place, rather than move off the island. Where would you suggest I advertise it?

  • Hi Sandra,

    Craigslist, ebay, or a local classified would probably be your best bet.

    Good luck!


  • Alberto Bazzoli says:

    Hi Jim!
    My name is Alberto Bazzoli, I’m keyboardist from Italy and co-founder of a Full Analog Studio Recording. The trademark of the studio is the Italian Vintage Equipment ( Argentini, Farfisa, Davoli, Lombardi, Binson ecc..).
    I Started to make some videos about our Italian Keyboards.
    The first one is about Farfisa Piano Professional, the nexts will be Vip 600, Soundmaker, Farfisa Professional, Synthorchestra, Logan string, Welson, Davoli Piano and more. I’d like to share with you the first. The video is in italian but I put english subtitles.

    Thank you
    Alberto Bazzoli

  • Hi there. . I have rec’d an old vintage Frontellini Accordion with a 18/44 made in Italy on the back. What would be the best way to get the value of this vintage item and where would I sell it , eBay? Do people but these anymore ?

  • Hello, I also have a Royal Arits of Farfis, Mark of Ancona, Italy, Maded in Italy Mdoel # 14198 I 2 original Marks in light danish oak finish, all the legs, sound, one leather strap on the bottem side ( probably for carrying) a cute wood door that opens to a golden metal grill ( to let mor air flow into organ. …. I think Iĺl put it online for ? $200.00 US. Any comments? idea on its value…Iĺl also contact the museum to see if they’ d like it.
    [email protected]

  • Bought a Farfisa VIP 400 today, doesn’t seem original, has two extra drawbars and 4 extra rocker switches next to the power switch, wondering if someone has a schematic diagram for me to trouble shoot, it mostly works, but needs attention, the extra buttons don’t seem to work, currently…

    Will appreciate any help!

  • Jeff Biddle says:

    I have a Farfisa combo organ I believe from the 60’s. On the back it says “Product of Farfisa” and another label that says “Made in Italy” with the name Ancona, Italy with P124/503. It has 5 rows of chords including Counter Base, Base, Major (M), Minor (m), and 7th (7). It still works fine with all keys still operable. Any idea of when it was built and approximate value?

  • Hey Jim,
    Just bought my first combo organ today, a Farfisa FAST 5, and already made it to your website, you are clearly paying attention to what happens on YouTube, thank you very much!
    Cheers from Switzerland,
    (aka HammondDirk on YouTube)

  • Marcin Pytel says:

    Hello Jim,
    I try to find a manual for Farfisa F1 Keyboard (Workstation) – on your page there is a link to google drive disc for F5 (it should be the same) but unfortunately the link is dead. Could you help me with this issue?
    Best regards,

  • Hi there! I am a high school band director with a Farfisa TK73. Looking to find a power cord. Do you know where these are sold? I’m in Jax, FL.

  • Frank Grootes says:

    Hi Jim,

    As far as I notice there hasn’t been much activity here, so let me stirr it up a little.
    Some months ago I bought a Transicord off the dutch “marktplaats”.
    I play a wonderfull Brandoni Dominator myself, but beeing an electronics engineer too it looked like fun.
    It didn’t have the powersupply and cable, so it was only 30 euro’s.


    I easily figured out a provisionary supply, and replaced the Hirschmann connector with an DIN.

    Ofcourse I found a lot of faults in the instrument, like faulty oscillators and bad contacts.
    Also missing screws and previous repair attempts…

    Luckily the guy had a second one (button instead of piano), the I could also have for only 20 euro’s!
    Exterior very bad, but inside in much better condition, so a perfect donor!

    That’s where I am now. It’s a really fun project, and if you are interested I will keep you posted.
    If you have more schematics I would be in your debt….



  • I have a Farfisa Super Piano from the early 1970s that I would like to sell. It’s in good shape and still plays. It’s a full-size piano, teakwood(?) and black, a pretty piece of furniture. I’m looking for an outlet where I can sell it. Do you have any recommendations?

  • Hi Jim, I scanned the schematic of a Farfisa Mod. 259R model. It would be great if you post it on your site to help other owner….

    If you agree, give me an adress to send the pdf


  • Hi Jim,
    I have the schematics for the farfissa mod 5220 r in pdf if you are interested for your site.

  • Richard Smith says:

    I’m looking to replace my spring reverb pan for my Farfisa Compact Duo, it can be found in the F/AR power supply/amp unit. I have no information regarding the specs for the unit and was wondering if you could help me identify a suitable replacement.

  • hello jim I have just acdquired an frontenllini accordian i BELIEVE it to be from the 40’s or 30’s i will send a pic of this accordian to you if you wish it please let me know this accordian is quite ornate with rhinstone studs and a ver y ornate patern .it has 80 black keys and is in its original case i was wondering if you could give me an estimate of its value and age thanyou for your time

  • Hi,
    I’m looking for any advice I can get on a Farfisa Pianorgan 111. I bought it for my brother as a Christmas gift, but it has a few notes which either don’t sound at all or make queer noises. I mess around with accordions OK, and would like to sort this thing out before I give it to him. I’m a bit wary of just diving in without any safety net, are you able to offer any help, or maybe direct me to someone who could? Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope I’m not wasting your time.

  • Mark Burkhill says:

    Hi Jim

    I’ve recently picked up a Farfisa Matador LR which seems to be in pretty good working order and I’m very pleased with it. I’ve noticed that there are 2 thin, parallel metal bars on the front casing of the organ (16.5 cm/6.5 inches), just to the left if the carrying handle and near the left-hand cover latch. From an initial inspection inside the organ and under the keys, I noticed that the metal strips seem to be wired into something. I’m certainly not very knowledgeable when it comes to electronics, but I figure that these metal strips must have a purpose. Do you have any idea what they are?



  • Hello! I have a compact amplifier, model TR 70 OS. Please let me know who produced the speakers used in this cabinet and possibly if you know some technical data of this speaker (SPL, rated power). Thank you very much.
    With special respect,
    Remus Maruta

  • George Porcaro says:

    I found my accordion as being sold on e-may being pictured here by someone else. The picture is my accordion, my kitchen, my house, my floor, and someone is working a scam!

  • Thanks! That was an automated listing pulled in from ebay. I’ve deleted it from this site, but you should report it to ebay also.

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