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  • Thanks for posting pix of this great amp, the first I ever owned. I bought one brandnew in 1967 when I was living in Beirut. I plugged my hofner guitar into the organ channel (it had better tone). The speakers in my model were jensens–very cool. Reverb and tremolo worked great. .

    It was very loud and rugged. I gigged with it for years, sometimes sharing it with another guitarist, or singing through the mike channel . Wish I hadn’t blown it up!

  • Sorry, but this amplifier does not look like the TR-60 (but at 45?). The TR-60 was designed for use with the Compact Duo and has a multipin socket for the organ som it can be played without the power/reverb unit (F/AR). The picture also shows a tube amplifier, and the TR-60 is a Solid State.

  • Hi all,
    Thats nothing like my TR60. Thats valve and mines solid state. Also my reverb is fitted to the lower backboard.

    Paul Fox


    Hi all,
    This amp is a Farfisa FR40, ALL (9)Valve, guitar combo delivering 40watts from 2 EL34/6CA7 valves and two Jensen 12″ Loudspeakers.
    FR60 almost identical in appearance- slightly bigger,is considerably heavier, louder (60W) and is quite differend in design: Solid state, suited for organ use (hence the multipin socket).
    FR40, my first amp (back in ’67)-a workhorse (portability,flexibility,tone) sold in ’80s.
    Happy to find another almost destroyed, currently trying to make it “sing” again.
    I own and owned many amps since but you know, you never forget your first love.
    Marinos Valsamakis

  • I found this amp last week in a newspaper in Bremen, Germany. Together with a Senheiser mic. The mic for 20 Euro, the amp for free. And it rocks!

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