Farfisa Portorgan

The Farfisa Portorgan was a Reed Organ released sometime in the 1960s.  Not too much is known, as it is quite rare compared to the Royal Artist and some of the other early Reed organs that Farfisa Made.  Covered in Tolex, this ogan was made for portability.  It’s sound lies somewhere between an accordian and a pump organ.

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  • Hi

    I am trying to identify a Farfisa organ which I believe came after the pianogram reed chord organ and I am hoping you can help with the name /model No in the UK. Unfortunately, I came across it on the internet ads, but was too late to purchase it -so I have only seen a picture

    I t has the look of a Hammond (ie solid wood chassis) but has one 41 key keyboard and a 6 x 8 bass button arrangement – but was desribed as electronic chord organ and had a foot volume pedal. It also had two vibro settings and 3 voice settings

    My interest is that it I play the piano accorion and therefore should be able to convert reasonaby easily.

    Any advice greatly appreciated

  • Hi,
    I recently found a Farfisa Portorgan identical to the one shown above in my Grandmothers attic and I was curious to know what sort of value they are, as I have struggled to find any for sale to give me an idea of what they are worth.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Matthew,

    Any where from $20 to $100 depending on condition and finding the right buyer.

    Good Luck,

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