Farfisa Professional Piano

Take a look at this awesome electronic piano from Farfisa. It’s just like, if not better than a Wurlitzer Electronic Piano, or a Fender Rhodes, no, not really!

It is full of 70s cheese, and will smell a little like that when you pick one up. I wonder then is tolex edible? The sound is not one you really want, unless you want to bring back AM Gold, but it is a very cool instrument by design. Instead of having 12 oscillators that have dividers one them to make the lower register notes, the Pro Piano has an oscillator for every not on the keyboard! It’s very cool looking, I’ll have to post a picture of the array of analog circuitry someday.

With one of the envelope settings you can kind of make it sound like a Farfisa Matador or one of the cheaper VIP organs, but not really.

3 comments on “Farfisa Professional Piano

  • I used to own one of these.
    It’s unusual in that it is fully polyphonic and velocity sensitive.
    It does not have an oscillator for each note, it’s a ‘divide down’ organ.
    The circuit board under each key does that note’s envelope+filter+VCA.
    The way the velocity is calculated is interesting. It’s been a long time, but I think it was a very simple timer based around a capacitor and resistor. It is still effectively half an analog synth under each key though!

    The velocity sensitivity is not that effective though, so I think most people don’t notice it. 🙂
    Try plugging it through a some fuzz/wah and playing some rhodes/clav type parts and it comes to life at bit more.

  • Philicorda,

    Thanks for the info! I just listed the one I picked up on Craigslist, no time or skills to bring it back to life. Thanks for the info!


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