Farfisa Soundmaker Service Manual and Schematics

Well, this is a new approach. A truly nice human being, BasementLoadSound has scanned in, and made an HD video of the complete Farfisa Soundmaker Service Manual which includes all of the schematics. Here’s his description:

Very rare and cool 1979 Farfisa Soundmaker service manual (Italian and English). Maybe the only one all over the world 🙂 I did my best to scan the pages but you have to watch the video full screen and possibly in HD resolution. Hope Soundmaker owners will find this document useful.

9 comments on “Farfisa Soundmaker Service Manual and Schematics

  • I have a Farfisa TK-84 and I disk and ring on it. I searched everywhere and have not found anything for her. Pdf format and a technical book. Please some help. Thank you in advance

  • luigi cuzzovaglia says:

    I have a Farfisa TK-84 but don’t have a user guide, please if you give me manual guide in italian or English language
    my keyboard have a problem with some keys don’t have aftertouch, it is possible to mend? and as?

    thank you

  • Georges FAIN says:

    I have an EASYCHORD FARFISA electronic organ in no operating service actually because it’s broken.

    Can you send me the electronic schematics ?

    Thanks you.

  • Dear sir or madam.
    I picked up an old suitcase organ with the following markings… FARFISA, M06/43 Made in Italy, and Microrgan (large on front. Very simple with only 3 “tone” buttons in front.

    I opened it up and although the keyboard panel is working fine the electronics are not working. I have given it to an electrician who rebuilds motors but he can’t figure if the motor is dc or ac and what voltage, amps, etc… There is also a transformer inside and he thinks it is cooked. Of course I would like to restore to original but it may not be possible. Please, do you have any information that can help?

    Best regards

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