Farfisa Pianorgan on ebay

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Description: Vintage “Pianorgan” made in Italy, by Farfisa. I belive this one was imported to the US by RCA Victor Canada, but I am not sure. These are called “wind organs” because they play music by wind (generated by an electric motor) blowing through the reeds. They produce an accordian-like sound.

Pieces Included: The organ only.

Condition: This particular instrument missing the original legs. It also has a few cosmetic defects. The keys at the far right have had the feet come undone. Also the springs will need to be replaced as well. There is moderate wear to the finish, and the front panel has what looks like yellowing from the glue used in assembly. Despite the flaws mentioned, it is a very attractive, quality made instrument. I’ve included all the parts that needed to be reattached.

Testing: I plugged it in and it does make sound. With the missing feet it makes sound constantly. All of the other keys make sound just great.

Farfisa Fast 5 on ebay in need of love

Check out this auction from a highly rated seller on ebay. It needs work, but it is fairly priced, and includes all the fixings including legs, the lid, a volume pedal, and a carrying case!

You are bidding on a RARE Farfisa Fast 5 compact organ. (FAST stands for “Farfisa All Silicon Transistorized) Farfisa organs became popular among rock bands and other combo groups and were responsible for some of the really great sounds of the 1960s.

Also included in the bid is a passive pedal, owners manual, schematic diagram, soft case (in need of zipper).

This machine works but has some dead keys, and needs to be serviced.

The body has some scratches, marks and signs of age and use. We wiped it down, but it also needs a good bath.

This is a hard-to-find, very desirable “rock” icon from the 1960’s.

Farfisa Syntaccordion on Chicago Craigslist!

Here’s the link!

Farfisa Syntaccordion is supplied w/swell pedal & separate tone generator.

Connection to the general amplifer: Is made by means of the general outlet of the generator. Any good amplifer can be connected to Syntaccordion, however the model Farfisa TR-70 is recommended (60 watt RMS, two 12″ speakers, 2 independent channels each one having two iputs with Reverberation and controls for Volume-Bass-Middle-Treble).

Additional amplifcation: Three appropriate outputs of the generator allow the separate amplification of the following sections of Syntaccordion: 1 Flutes/Percussion/Presets. 2-Strings. 3-Piano/Harpsichord/Mono section.

It’s a traditional accordion: 41 keys, 3 sets of Treble reeds. 8 treble registers 120 basses. 4 set of Bass reeds. 3 Bass registers

Asking $5,000 or best offer. Manuals included also have the retail installment contract.

Farfisa Super Bravo Sighting in Australia

Is this not the awesomest music store in Australia? The Music Swop Shop just outside of Melbourne has not one, but two Farfisas in stock!  A Farfisa Bravo console organ, and a Farfisa Super Bravo combo organ.

The Farfisa Bravo was a top of the line console organ that featured a Rotating Speaker, Partner 15 Drum Machine, Easychord Section, Reverb, Vibrato, and a Cassette Recorder.

The Farfisa Super Bravo takes most of that and wraps it all up in a portable package!