2 comments on “The Hentchmen Sounding Great

  • Great song and keyboard sounds!

    Also, I was checking out your Farfisa.Org web site. Great information!

    I am restoring a Farfisa Combo Compact with a Leslie Combo II Pre-Amp and a Leslie 825 speaker. This project is going well as I have two Farfisa Combo Organs – One for parts.

    I was able to completely restore the Leslie PreAmp with new capacitors, transistors and switches. You can find almost all the parts on Mouser.com. Also, you can purchase the Leslie Power supply capacitors from ClassicHammonds. Next will be the Leslie 825 power supply capacitors and main amplifier transistors.

    I plan to refinish the the Combo with new Tolex vinyl, replace all the capacitors, electron tubes (2), and clean all the connectors. I found a great product for removing contact corrosion, DeoxIT D5. Works great – flushes out any buildup on the pots, contacts and connectors. The Farfisa Combo has a lot of contacts!

    I can send you the Farfisa Combo Compact service manual and the manuals for the Leslie preamp and speaker. Perhaps a visitor to your website might be searching for a copies.

    Let me know if you want photos of the restoration to post, and I will send a few.

    I also have the tech spec sheets for the Combo’s Triode tube ECC83. The GE 12AX7A electron tube is a replacement if anyone has a hard time finding the ECC83 tube.

    Regards, Joe

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