Farfisa 8 Amplifier

Take a look at this rare Farfisa amp, the Farfisa 8 on ebay right now! I have never heard of this model, so tiny and cute! It looks full of features, and is quite a sexy looking little amp. Here’s the description from the seller:

This is an extremely rare Farfisa 8, 8 watt tube practice amp for guitar, ez81 rectifier, single el84 power tube, and two ecc83 preamp tubes, has volume, tone, and superb vibrato. Speakers are two 6″ Quam alnicos (not original). The amp has been totally gone through by one of Portland’s best tube techs, and has new filter caps. He also put in a new, custom wound, power transformer because the last one was non original and not a good match for this amp. The sound is a warm tube sound, fairly clean with single coils, more breakup with humbuckers. Just on its own, it is a fairly unremarkable amp, but once you put a boost in front of it, it becomes a wailing tone monster. I used a Zendrive with it and got great sounds. As I say, the vibrato is also very clear and cool. As you can see, there are some tears in the speaker cloth and some scuffs, but over all it looks quite good.

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  • I will borrow it! I was thinking about bidding, so blogging about it probably didn’t help our cause, but I didn’t want to keep the news of such a rare bird all to myself!

  • Jim, I just bought one of these from an accordian player here in Italy. I haven’t had it checked out but I believe all is original. Really, I can’t believe everything worked right off the bat. Sound with humbucker-equipped guitars is OK, but I prefer a brighter sound. Any idea on what could be done do get this?

  • Hi Ed,

    This one on ebay was the only one I ever saw, so I don’t have any first hand experience. The only thing I could think of would be to switch out the speaker with something more suited to your taste. The speaker in my Sabre Reverb definitely lacks in the high end department.

    Good Luck,


  • Please I need help, I’ve got the same amp but I need to know what is the voltages on the transformer. The transformer burnt out and I need to put in a new one. Please help me.
    Thanks Chris

  • I just got me one too. Noone in the music shop wanted it so i took it home.
    I believe it is all original and in really good condition, no dents or scratches.
    It looks like it has been stored in a closet, i can’t imagine it has ever been out for a gig.
    The sound is great but on the mellow side.

  • Hi guys,
    I live in Italy nearby the Farfisa factory.
    I have a little old Farfisa Amplivox 8, similar to Farfisa 8 but with a more aggressive look… 😉
    One tube was blown so I write Farfisa and… they answered me sending the Farfisa 8 schematics, quite the same as mine.
    If anyone need it, I can send you.


  • Hey Alberto!

    What a coincidence that you replied now! I also have Farfisa 8 Amplivox and my trafo burned out so the mechanic asked me if i can get him the schematic. So, I was wondering if you would be so kind to send me a copy of the one you got from the Farisa factory? I have one schematic but it is not the official one so im reluctant to give it to the mechanic since it may be faulty.

    Thank you in advance for your time and understanding!

    Take care, wish you all the best!

    Matija Pavlovic
    [email protected]ail.com

  • Small correction / mine is not “Amplivox”, its a regular one like the one in the article above. Sorry for the confusion.

  • pierrot margerin says:

    hello i sart to clean this amps since a couple of day, hope the little italian work after so many years,if somebody had some suggestions or more….and just to have an idée what is the price of this….i dont want t sell it but just to know…
    pierrot from north of france…

  • Rik de Wit says:

    Hi Alberto,

    I am very well interested in the schematics of the Farfisa 8.
    If you are able to send it to me it will be appreciated.

  • thomas crow says:

    These amps sound great after a few simple modifications. Basically, the amp´s voicing is far too dark – why they´ve designed it that way I don´t know.
    A quick fix would be to snip out two capacitors. The signal travels from the ECC83´s 2nd Triode to the EL84 grid through a coupling cap and a resistor. Between that cap and the resistor sits a 0.0022 uF cap going to ground. Get it out (putting a short across that resistor should give you a bit more gain, actually). The other one to get rid of is the cap that shunts high frequencies across the ouput tranny´s primary.
    Should you want to do even more to brighten things up you might want to rearrange the tone knob. There´s a resistor going from the wiper to ground. You can either remove it altogether or move it over to lift the cold terminal of the pot above ground.
    One last step to get the amp to sound even brighter would be to put a 50 pF cap across the Volume pot´s hot and wiper lugs. That´s what I´ve done. The amplifier´s sound is much improved – what with sparkle no longer being muffled.
    Caveat: there is one more cap whose removal would brigthen the sound even further: the 0.001 cap going from the tremolo “Dept” (depth) control to ground. However you will notice a ticking noise with higher intensity settings if you remove this one.
    I quite like this amp: lightweight, good looks (I´ve got the one with the older “grey wedge” cosmetics) and now also with a great sound. It will sound not unsimilar to a fuzz face if you drive it hard. After those modifications suggested above you might want to roll down the tone knob on your guitar in order to achieve that sound, though.

  • Ciao Alberto,
    ho ereditato un Farfisa 8 e mi piacerebbe sistemarlo bene. Potresti mandarmi gli schemi che ti hanno inviato dalla Farfisa? La mia mail è marcozanetti @ about . me

    Grazie mille

    Dear Alberto,
    I inherited a Farfisa 8 and I’m planning to bring it back to its best. Could you please send me the schematics Farfisa has sent you? My email address is marcozanetti @ about . me

    Thank you so much


  • Ciao Alberto,

    sarei molto interssato allo schematico dell’ Amplivox 8. Se per caso leggi questo commento me lo mandi via email? xvt [at] berlin [dot/punto] de
    Mi interesserebbe anche il contatto all Farfisa che te lo ha procurato visto che cerco anche gli schematici del FR40 e dell’Amplivox 18…

    grazie e ciao, Xaver

  • I used to own this amp! Handed down to me from my uncle. What memories this brings back. As a kid I’d sit on the basement steps and watch he and his friend jam surfer music and the like. Walk Don’t Run, Rockin’ Robin, The Beatles, etc. He bought this Farfisa, and an actual 60’s Hofner Violin bass when he was in the service stationed overseas. Gave it to me when I picked up guitar. thomas crow is right, the amp sounds very dark — to a fault. But I still loved it!

  • I have one of these (Farfisa F/8 (a) ). In original and nearly mint condition! Works perfect. It looks as if it is very little used. Many years ago I bought it from a guitar player that did not use it any more. I never used it myself, because at that moment I started playing the tuba.
    I saved it up for my childeren, but they did never start playing guitar :(.
    Thinking of selling it.
    amsterdam, netherlands

  • Octavian Eugen Popovici says:

    Hello All!
    What a wonderful thing the internet is!
    I accidentally aquired a FARFISA f8 in Romania, absolutely mint ,no soldering touched inside ,even the blue paint on every solder joint is untouched! (pics available for those interested,amp not for sale)
    I’we noticed the muddiness in it’s sound ,maybe I’ll go for mods,but I feel like it wouldn’t be the right thing ,given the perfect conservation status it is in.

    Anyway thanks in advance to anyone could send me the schematic!

    octavian.popovici (at) gmail.com

  • Ciao Alberto. Hai ancora modo di condividere con i bisognosi le schematiche del Farfisa 8? Ne ho appena recuperato uno da riconare e revisionare. Le schematiche mi sarebbero utilissime.
    La mia mail è [email protected]

    I need schematics for Farfisa 8. Does anyone got them from Alberto? I will be very happy to have them too!
    My mail address is [email protected]
    Thanks to all

  • Hey,
    I just bought a Farfisa F8 and my fuse broke, so i need a new one. Now my problem is that the fuse is so corroded, that i cant figure out the exact type of the fuse. I also found schematics, but without a fuse on it. Does anybody know which fuse i need?
    I would be very thankful.
    Best regards,

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