Farfisa Bass Pedals

Most portable Farfisa organs had a 16 pin connector for bass pedals. The standard bass pedals are a standard octave plus one note, from C to C.  With the exception of the Mini Compact, most of the Compact Series, VIP Series, and Pro Series organs can take these pedals.  Now the pedals are not super cool synthesizers like the Moog Taurus pedals, but instead just a controller for the circuitry onboard the organ.  The 16 pins are for each of the 13 note, and 3 for the juice (positive, negative, and ground I imagine).

3 comments on “Farfisa Bass Pedals

  • Allen Russ says:

    Can I and where can I purchase a set of Farfisa bass pedals?
    If so can these be played through another keyboard, eg Yamaha?

  • Allen,

    They come up from time to time on ebay. They are just controllers (no audio from them, they just control the organ like the organ’s keyboard would). The only thing that they would work with is similar organs of the day, if at all.

    Good Luck,


  • David Steele says:

    Hi Jim and thanks for this resource. I’ve just picked up a set of FF pedals PA / 54, and you’ve already answered my first question – do they generate any independent tone , or are they merely a controller for the main organ. Thank you. In that case I wondered why there is a circuit board inside, is this to do with the Bass/Bourdon controls onboard? If it was simply a case of switching on-off via switch contacts, I wouldn’t expect to find any circuitry inside. (I midified an ELKA set a few years ago and there certainly wasn’t anything in those IIRC). I’m hoping to midify this FF set too but the board I used before (Pedmux) isn’t available anymore, any good midi boards you’ve come across might be worth a look? Regards, Dave, Falkirk, Scotland

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