Farfisa Compact Duo Schematics

Here we have the schematic for a Farfisa Compact Duo combo organ. Back before there were websites, cameras and photographs and such, companies used to draw out these little lines and stuff to tell you how their stuff worked. Sometimes the guys that built the organs read these to learn how to build them.

You’ll probably need the F/AR schematic too.

Don’t be stupid and hurt yourself if you are going to work on your organ. You really should find a tech to work on your gear. That way he can do what he does, and you can do what you do.

11 comments on “Farfisa Compact Duo Schematics

  • Thanks for these schematics!! Don’t know if I’ll ever know how to use them, but it’s sure great to have!

  • Hi

    If possible, can you please tell me the history of my farfisa duo compact organ.
    It does have the serial A-6008-92.
    My interest is year of production, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sincerely Tommy Hansen

  • Hi, have you any idea what the price was for a Farfisa Compact duo organ in 1967/8 please? even an approx would help. I need this info for a College course I’m doing.
    Thanks from Nannabot.

  • Hi Every body!Can any one help me find the schematics for a Farfisa Organ Model 112467
    Serial 6420 /327. I am doing a repair in a church. I really appreciate your help!

  • Hi, can anyone help me find, or send a copy of a schematic for a Farfisa Partner 15 Bravo, Model# 112457, serial 6303/276 R ?

    email is Arrick (AT) Arrick (Dot) Org

  • Hi! Can any one help me find the schematics for a Farfisa Organ Model 112467??
    Thanks to all!!

  • Hello, I have another schematic scan witch are better. I can read capacitor value and I can give you them.
    Perhaps are you interesting?

  • Hi there!

    Simon, could you send those to me? Do you also have the F/AR unit’s schematics?

    Please send it to [email protected].

    I am trying to repair one of those. You help is most abliged.

    Thank you for your site and info FARFISA.ORG!!

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