Farfisa Cromwell Organ

Check out the one and only (no, seriously, there is probably just one of these) Farfisa Cromwell. Or is it the Farfisa Foyer like it says in the last picture? In an incredible engineering feat, someone took a Mini Compact Deluxe and mounted it into a wood console with 2 – 10″ Speakers, and a sweet built in volume pedal. In addition to the Multi-Tone Booster, it looks like someone snuck in an extra tab for a Chorus effect!

4 comments on “Farfisa Cromwell Organ

  • I have one that looks the same, even the “home made-looking” on/off-switch and the blind brown plate next to are identical. Mine have a plate on the back which refer to Swedish Hagström company. If this is a Swedish version or if all of them has that plate, I don’t know. I also have the “Chord-box” which is a box you put over first octave and turns the organ to a one-finger-chord-machine, like the Casio-chord, but older:)

    Where is this one located? Is it worth any money?

  • I believe this one was in England, but I have seen another in the States. Worth is relative. Relative to what you paid for it, or what you can get someone to pay for it. Good Luck!

  • I bought One just like this the last weekend. And just like Jonas mine has the till/från switch. Strange!

  • hey,is a good choice? what’s a good price for this? i found one in Italy but i have difficoult to find others to compare!

    thank u!

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