Farfisa Pianorgan Console Organ

I saw the little thumbnail image for this guy and thought to myself, what could be in that box underneath the organ? Well, as you can see from the second pic, nothing! Here is what must be the super deluxe version of the reed organ known as the Pianorgan, mounted on some very nice looking mahogany, lined with tweed to hide the non-existent (and non-needed) speakers!

On ebay right now!

2 comments on “Farfisa Pianorgan Console Organ

  • I know someone that has a Farfisa Mini Pianorgan, that looks to be an older version of the Farfisa Pianorgan Deluxe, but is in excellent-like new condition. Curious about value of it. Guessing it’s from the 60’s. It has wooden legs, where the one in the pic has what looks like is brass, and the slots above the keyboard, it has 6 instead of 4 in the pic above. She has it up for sale for $60. Just wondering if this is about the right value?

  • There is a larger pianorgan with more features than this one, I suspect it is fairly uncommon but I own an example.

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