Farfisa Portorgan Reed Organ

Either there is a major resurgence of the popularity of reed organs, or a lot of people are getting their spring cleaning done! Here’s another “wind organ” that has popped up on ebay, the Farfisa Portorgan (though the seller spelled it portogram). He doesn’t have much info listed, but he does have the lid!

Made in Italy
(Matr. P 161/1222)

circa 1970

model no. P-12
Volts 110-120 AC
Cycles 60
Watts 50

Refurbished by Unicord Inc.
Garden City Park, NJ

One comment on “Farfisa Portorgan Reed Organ

  • just picked up at a garage sale a portogan farfisa 161/1219………………….in excellent condition………with books….has a red top and rest is white

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