Farfisa Professional 88 Organ

I don’t know much about the Farfisa Professional 88 Organ. It appears to be a massive beast of an organ, and judging by limited sightings, it may have been only for the possibly for the South American Market.

I received a message from one of the gentlemen from The Magnetic Band who said the bass section was great.

2 comments on “Farfisa Professional 88 Organ

  • Hello,

    I am in new Zealand and have a Farfisa FK50 in excellent condition — was wondering roughly how much it would be worth — it’s a one owner always in our family purchased new.

  • Frans van den Berge says:


    I own a Farfisa Professional 88. The 88 has a nice hammond sound. And a low and high output. It probably was a sales disaster. Wich probably is the reason the 110 was created with different buttons and a leslie connector.

    The minimal seightings is probably that many are put away in storage. As those units are not even worth more than a 100 euro…. Prices of organs are at an alltime low. And the name farfisa is totally forgotten.

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