Farfisa Super Bravo Sighting in Australia

Is this not the awesomest music store in Australia? The Music Swop Shop just outside of Melbourne has not one, but two Farfisas in stock!  A Farfisa Bravo console organ, and a Farfisa Super Bravo combo organ.

The Farfisa Bravo was a top of the line console organ that featured a Rotating Speaker, Partner 15 Drum Machine, Easychord Section, Reverb, Vibrato, and a Cassette Recorder.

The Farfisa Super Bravo takes most of that and wraps it all up in a portable package!

12 comments on “Farfisa Super Bravo Sighting in Australia

  • That superbravo was mine! It was snapped up in less than 48 hrs – god bless swop shop.

  • I’ve cleaned contacts/actuators, sorted the power supply, found/fixed dry joints near the sliders, & then reassembled a ‘Farisa’ Bravo (Mod No. 111129-E, Serial No. 6796 / 275) found on the footpath outside my neighbours kids’ school.
    ‘Accompaniment’ section turns on but doesn’t work; I suspect ‘IC3’ (‘Texas’ TMS 3624NL’) is dead. A schematic would help altho without the ‘Farisa’ programming, I doubt I can go much further. Any advice on where to source parts?

  • Hi,
    just stumbled across your website.
    I’m actually selling my Farfisa Superbravo as we speak on ebay.
    It’s in excellent condition, I’ve owned it since new. Every function works well.
    Check out ‘ebay’ if you are interested. It’s going v. cheap at the moment and only has 2 days until the auction closes. The keyboard is in Menai, NSW.

  • I have a mint condition , little used Farfisa Super Bravo with the legs in firm condition and not a mark on the unit. I have the original manual that came with it. I am a guitar player so this has been in my music room not getting any use at all. This one is not a fire sale prospect so please do not think its going to be given away as everything is in 100% perfect order and requires no maintenance or fixing. I am sure the first genuine person to see this will be wanting to take it off my hands. I live in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne (Wantirna South to be precise) so email me first with your offer . It is rare to find these and the portability of these units is fantastic and this one has an output jack that can be plugged into headphones to enable noiseless practice or output to an amplifier for concert like volume. Its all original , unaltered and mint so get in touch asap because it will not last very long of that I am sure.


  • Hi
    I wanted your feedback, I have a Farfisa VIP superslalom 660, with the original RSC Amplifier. The Farfisa is not switching on where can I take it for repair?
    The Amp works fine.
    Thanks Mannie

  • bill sumner says:

    where can i get operators manual farfisa super bravo model 111129-e and sheet music?
    thank u , bill

  • Hello, can anyone assist with advice on a Farfisa Pergamon Organ which has been passed onto me by my Grandfather. I am in Adelaide SA, what is its value for insurance purposes? This Organ is in immaculate condition and I have witnessed my Grandfather playing it with pride. I have photos if that helps

    Thank you in advance Michael

  • i was in an electronic band in Brisbane in the early 1990s. We bought one beat up Farfisa Super Bravo for $10 and used it extensively. Then I found another one in pristine condition for $100. I only sold it when I relocated to Japan in 1997. I sold it to Ben from Regurgitator for that price and then they used it on “Unit”. Then I find out several years later that he said that this organ was one of the defining sounds they used on that album and that he bought it for only $10. What a crock! Anyway, it’s a great organ, very simple but it has that special something to it.

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