Farfisa Super Piano Electronic Piano

Here’s another mysteriously awesome oddball from Farfisa that no one knows about. The Super Piano looks like a Professional Piano built into a modern styled Teak wood console. The guy sent me these pictures many years ago knew absolutely nothing about it after picking it up at an estate sale.

The Farfisa Pro Piano is a very unique instrument compared to other combo organs and electric pianos. Similar to Farfisa combo organs, the Professional Piano has electronic oscillators, but instead of having only 12 and using electronic dividers to create the multiple octaves on the keyboard, the Farfisa Pianos have an oscillator for every single key on the keyboard! Pretty cool right? To bad they don’t sound as good as a Wurliters or Fender Rhodes electric pianos…

7 comments on “Farfisa Super Piano Electronic Piano

  • I own one of these and it has a matching bench works good but i am no musician…i was just searching for info on it. I am in so cal if anyone is intrsted i can send pics macattakk2000 {at} yahoo [period] com

  • I also have one bought on Ebay about 5 years ago……big and heavy but pretty cool when connected to a couple of amps.

  • I have one to give away. The fuse blew and I don’t know where to get one. It was my mothers and she has passed, and I haven’t got room for it

  • I have one with tape deck built in….it works very well. Looking to sell….anyone know how much these go for. Sounds amazing and never a problem.

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