Farfisa Syntaccordion on Chicago Craigslist!

Here’s the link!

Farfisa Syntaccordion is supplied w/swell pedal & separate tone generator.

Connection to the general amplifer: Is made by means of the general outlet of the generator. Any good amplifer can be connected to Syntaccordion, however the model Farfisa TR-70 is recommended (60 watt RMS, two 12″ speakers, 2 independent channels each one having two iputs with Reverberation and controls for Volume-Bass-Middle-Treble).

Additional amplifcation: Three appropriate outputs of the generator allow the separate amplification of the following sections of Syntaccordion: 1 Flutes/Percussion/Presets. 2-Strings. 3-Piano/Harpsichord/Mono section.

It’s a traditional accordion: 41 keys, 3 sets of Treble reeds. 8 treble registers 120 basses. 4 set of Bass reeds. 3 Bass registers

Asking $5,000 or best offer. Manuals included also have the retail installment contract.

25 comments on “Farfisa Syntaccordion on Chicago Craigslist!

  • Paul F. Meyers says:

    Hello- Would you be willing to copy the owners manual and send to me….For a fee of course….Let me know…Thanks-PFM

  • 2 things: 1) Does anyone know where to get a replacement cord for the syntaccordion 2) the harpsichord settings are distorting especially around mid-F. Can someone suggest what transistors I need to change?

    Paul, I have the original brown syntaccordion manual. It doesn’t have the schematics but the operation instructions. It’s a 14 page manual. I could PDF under high resolution and send it to you. $25 via PayPal. It will take me about 30 minutes to scan this.


  • Jim Sunset says:

    I purchased my Syntaccordionon eBay for $600. He included the brochure..original price around 1980… $6795. I plugged that into the CPI calculator and $6795 in 1980 is equal to $18,160 in buying power today. Wow. That puts into perspective how expensive these machines were. Cordovoxes were about $3500 back in 1975 so that would be $14,326 today. Again, a lot of money. Consider that the new Roland digital accordions (top of the line) are about $6500 Canadian. That’s not a bad price.

  • Hallo dear fans,

    of this above – mention beauty ! I´m akkardeonist.

    If somebody like to have the original elektric maps / plans contact me please, with the E-Mail address above …
    I´m still in my akkardeon heaven — . but she is not working anymore on the elektric side. So far.
    I´m looking for the original plug !

    Here´re my specifications:
    Lear Siegel Inc. USA as Manufactored with subs. Farfisa
    G.Sa 1= Box Tongenerator
    Mod.N.:148900-E 230 V 60 H 60 W ( Germany !! )
    EDP 1489001.1
    The Instrument itself:
    Farfisa Mod.: Sa 3 M CLASS II
    Ser.N.: 1148/124

    My address GERMANY !!:
    Roberto Schwerdtfeger
    Barenburg 7
    28239 Bremen
    Tel.: 0421-8973769
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    With special regards and thanks for this side

  • Hello,
    Due to a bereavement, I am selling the following on behalf of my Aunt:
    1. Farfisa Syntaccordion SA3M with GSA1 Tone Generator
    2. Farfisa P200 Amplifier
    3. Roland RA800 Realtime Arranger
    4. DigiTech Vocalist VHMS Harmoniser
    Complete professional package with stand, seat, pedal controls and manuals. I don’t know what the package is worth, but would appreciate any comments.

  • olá patrik já vendeu o acordeão Farfisa SA3M Syntaccordion com GSA1 Gerador de Tom o patrik quer enviar-me um mensagem para o meu email

  • Schaufelberger says:

    Suche Verbindungskabel zwischen Farfisa Syntaccordion SA3M mit GSA1 Tone Generator. Danke für ihre Offerte

  • Hollis Straut says:

    I am looking for a manual for the farfisa syntaccordion. I will be a fee . Paul do you still have a manual to copy
    thank you Hollis

  • Hi all Like above sure could use a manual for Farfisa mod SA-3M accordian I’m lost & confused try’n to figure it out 1 button at a tyme any pointers Help much appreciated Thanks U “Music is the Bound between All Peoples”

  • Luis… The power supply you are seeking…. would you mean the tone generator box? …I believe the power supply is in this box.

  • Luis… The power supply you are seeking…. would you mean the tone generator box? …I believe the power supply is in this box.
    …If so, I have one.

  • hi everyone I have a farfisa syntaccordion for sale with all original accessories everything is in a very good condition in perfect condition like new if anyone is interested you can contact me in my email: [email protected]

  • Hugh O'Neill says:

    I have the original Super Syntaccordion user’s manual in Italian & English (plus a separate one in German) and I have the book of electrical schematics. If there was enough interest, I could scan these at high-resolution and put the PDF files on a website. I’m assuming this wouldn’t infringe any copyright laws because Farfisa went out of business a long time ago?

  • Hi Hugh,
    I have just purchased one, and would certainly appreciate any documentation that would help unravel its mysteries.

  • Hi Hugh,

    I would very much like a copy of the schematics, and would also like the users guide if available. I too would be willing to pay


  • Hi,

    I’ve seen this question come up a few times. Has anyone managed to find a source for connection cable connecting SynthAccordion to tone generator. I have one, but it’s a bad cable, also doesn’t seem to match inputs on my tone generators.

    Additionally, if anyone is looking for a Farfisa Super SynthAccordion. I have one in excellent condition, two Farfisa amps with pedals (one amp has been moded to change keys), two tone generators, original case, a baggy with some spare parts, and sadly a bad connection cable until I find a working one.

    If you know where to find a cable, have one for sale, or interested in my SynthAccodion feel free to contact me at [email protected] (happy to send pictures).

  • Villy almestad says:

    Hej. Jeg har en Farfisa mod. Sa3 til salg. ( super syntaccordion ) jeg er lidt usikker på
    Hvad jeg kan forlange for den, så hvis der er nogen her som har en ide hvad jeg kan forlange havde det været fint.. alt er komplet og i vældig god stand.
    M.v.h. villy almestad
    Danmarksgade 76 b.
    9900 frederikshavn

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