Farfisa Syntorchestra Video Demo

Check out this great video of the Farfisa Syntorchestra analog synthesizer from youtuber zihcster. Be sure to check out his channel for some more great videos. Now I have an un-working Syntorchestra, which is housed in a sheet metal type case. Take a look at this beauty in it’s nice wood cabinet. It must be some sort of deluxe version meant to sit on top of your console organ!

One comment on “Farfisa Syntorchestra Video Demo

  • hi there, i am looking for synthorchestra for a long time. had a silver one, but was damaged and i wasnt in the mood to repair.
    i know prices got high cause of ebay.
    but i am still interested to use it for my new album and maybe i will construct some string synth with my company. let me know, when you can help me.
    best from berlin

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