Gibson Sabre Reverb Amplifier

The Gibson Sabre Reverb Amplifier was sold as the Farfisa Amp at the dawn of Farfisa’s presence in the United States. Since both Gibson and Farfisa were owned by CMI, the Chicago Musical Instrument company in Lincolnwood, Illinois, there were a lot of crossover. Just like the Gibson organs, and the later Cordovox organs (also a CMI brand) were very similar to Farfisa organs, the later Farfisa branded amps were most likely made by Gibson. Also, the Maestro effects were in there somewhere too.

This 50 watt amp boasted at 15″ speaker and a side mounted 14″ heavy duty mid range driver horn. This beast was designed to fill up the room with sound and help emulate a larger than life organ.

4 comments on “Gibson Sabre Reverb Amplifier

  • Dave Skintek says:

    I still have my old Transicord from back in ’69 and would like to obtain one of these with the 10LR25 Leslie which plugged right in to that unit.Still checking eBay!
    I did some recordings with this exact set up back in the late ’60s. I own several Hammonds, B-3’s and Leslies…..but this setup was really a GREAT Threatre Organ sound when played in a live acoustical environment. I finally googled this and this is the first time I have seen one of these in almost 40 years! Thanks!

  • Found a cosmetically clean Sabre Reverb amp on eBay! Paid $150.00 including shipping, however, the internals were shot! A tech friend went through it for around $300.00(caps and transistors) and now it works great. One problem, the Transicord that sat in my closet for 40 years is now getting fixed. Just picked up a really ultra clean Cordovox CL-10 Leslie on eBay this morning for $450.00 including shipping. It wasn’t there the night before and at 6AM the next morning there it was calling to me,….. I jumped on it!
    I little realized this passion of mine was going to cost so much! This sure is going to knock the Hell out of $1500.00 by the time I’m finished! I have 2 mint B-3’s and 4 Leslies, but going back to my accordian ‘roots’ is something I always dreamed of doing. Oh, well, God Bless nostalgia! BTW, anyone buying equipment this old should really beware! It may look good…..that is, until ya’ plug it in! Make sure you know a good tech and have the dough to play with if you want to play this game! Later, Dave

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