Farfisa Microrgan

The Farfisa MicrOrgan was one of the earlier reed organs, all done up classy in a beautiful art deco style. Like most of the other Farfisa reed organs, it folds up nice into its own little carrying case, complete with legs and all. This one is up on ebay right now. Here is a description from the seller:

FARFISA MicrOrgan CHORD ORGAN in CASE. 100% complete & working. Made in Italy in the late 1950’s. This is a reed Organ with an Art deco design. Built into case like an old combo organ. Has detachable legs that store in the case. Excellent condition.

Farfisa Soundmaker Service Manual and Schematics

Well, this is a new approach. A truly nice human being, BasementLoadSound has scanned in, and made an HD video of the complete Farfisa Soundmaker Service Manual which includes all of the schematics. Here’s his description:

Very rare and cool 1979 Farfisa Soundmaker service manual (Italian and English). Maybe the only one all over the world 🙂 I did my best to scan the pages but you have to watch the video full screen and possibly in HD resolution. Hope Soundmaker owners will find this document useful.

NEW! Share your Farfisa with the world!

My FarfisaI have been slaving away in the Farfisa kitchen, whipping up something for you guys. Introducing My Farfisa, a new section of the site where anyone who registers with the site can post about their Farfisa. I hope to build a living database of all who still dream the Farfisa dream.

Enough reading already, head on over to My Farfisa and start sharing your Farfisa joy with the world!

Compact Deluxe Combo Organ

My name is Jim, I run this site, and play Farfisa in The Infrasonics and in The Columbines. I am launching a new section of the site called My Farfisa, a place where anyone who comes to the site can post about their Farfisa. I figured I would check it out to make sure that everything is working!

Restored by the awesome folks at Smashing Guitars in Asheville, NC, my Farfisa is a pristine, working model of what a Compact Deluxe should be.  In addition to all the bells and whistles that the Deluxe is known for, someone along the way added two modifications to this beast.  The first black knob in the picture adds a volume pot for the Bass section.  The second knob adds depth to the onboard reverb.

I go back and forth between a few different amps depending on my mood. They are a restored Gibson Sabre Reverb, a Shure Vocalmaster Deluxe PA Head, and a Roland KC-300.

For effects, I seem to always have a Maestro Parametric Filter on for filter sweeps and it’s great fuzz, possibly a ProCo Rat for getting dirty, and definitely a Moogerfooger Ring Modulator with an expression pedal in the frequency for variable speed modulations.