The Greatest Farfisa Compact Combo Demo Of All Time!

Check out Paul’s sexy new Farfisa and his sensitive man music. Don’t worry, he also delves into the darker side with what he calls increasingly irritating sounds, although they sound better and better to me, so I don’t know what to say about that!

Seriously though, this is one hell of a great video if you didn’t get that from the title. There is like math and and science and history and stuff, and super extra awesome bonus points for including the cat!

2 comments on “The Greatest Farfisa Compact Combo Demo Of All Time!

  • I started my musical life on a Compact Duo. I could not have chosen a better instrument……it made me the musician I am today. I recently acquired another one-WITH THE PEDALS in excellent working order. Like re-uniting with an old friend.

  • I just acquired a Farfisa Leader spinet organ.
    2 kybds and bass pedals. 1 8ve LH bass keys also.
    Great Farfisa tone. Impressive build quality inside.
    However, it has a huge hiss coming in 1 sec after turning on.
    Not a hum, but a hiss. My best guess is a cap somewhere in the organ section, cos it stops when I unplug rca from the amp.
    Thats still a lot of caps to cover.
    Anyone have any experience with this syptom?
    Or am I in for dismantle and trace?
    Anybody got service manual for Farfisa Leader?
    Thanx 4 ur replies!
    Seminole Jackson
    NewDixie Blues
    Atlanta, GA, USA

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