Another Farfisa Sferasound on ebay

I can’t believe it. two Farfisa Sferasound pedals on ebay in as many weeks. The last one sold for about $185, I think I may bid on this one, but we’ll see where it goes. The super awesome seller has made a sweet video describing the full capabilities of this pedal. Let’s call it the quintesential informative video describing the Farfisa Sferasound Pedal.

Farfisa Pro Duo Bass Pedals

What we have here is a very bad old picture of a set of bass pedals for a Farfisa Pro Duo. This set up is truly one on beauty for the organist who gets a volume pedal for each keyboard, a full set of bass pedals, and all of the controls for the bass pedal sounds in easy to use dials and switches. It comes complete in an incredibly rare fake wood housing.

Farfisa Bass Pedals

Most portable Farfisa organs had a 16 pin connector for bass pedals. The standard bass pedals are a standard octave plus one note, from C to C.  With the exception of the Mini Compact, most of the Compact Series, VIP Series, and Pro Series organs can take these pedals.  Now the pedals are not super cool synthesizers like the Moog Taurus pedals, but instead just a controller for the circuitry onboard the organ.  The 16 pins are for each of the 13 note, and 3 for the juice (positive, negative, and ground I imagine).