Farfisa Compact Organs 1968 Suggested Retail Price List

Have you ever wondered what your Farfisa was worth, or how much you should pay for one?  Well wonder no longer, if you are trapped in 1968, and have stumbled across this site, you know know how much to pay for and/or how much the suggested retail price of your Farfisa!

8 comments on “Farfisa Compact Organs 1968 Suggested Retail Price List

  • ¡Hola!

    Vale la pena lo que pagó por ella, o lo que se puede engañar a alguien para que pague por ello!

    Buena suerte,

  • Barbara Utley says:

    Trying to ascertain value of 1970 Farfisa Organ similar to First Lady Farfisa.
    Organ recently destroyed in the Brisbane, Queensland Floods.
    Can you please assist?

  • Barbara,
    It is worth what you can get someone to pay for it. Not much as organs are a thing of the past these days.\
    Good Luck,

  • My daugther Ma. de Lourdes, she give a

    My daugther Ma. de Lourdes. give to me a Organ Fairfase made in Itay Mark P120/295
    Needs reparation, my problem I live Municipio of Corregidora. state Queretaro, country Mexico.
    Tel 442-303 56 77 cel. 4421466205 mail [email protected].
    I cand find where I can repair, can you help me.
    Thanks for you attentios.


  • Joanne VandeVoort says:

    Do you know the approximate value of a Farfisa Organ, Model No. 45181? It is in good condition with great sound.

    Thank you for responding.

  • Donna Saunders says:

    Would like to know what Farfisa Electronic Organ 3010 Value is. We have the original Owner’s Manual and all the paper work on this Organ. Can anyone help us

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