NEW! Share your Farfisa with the world!

My FarfisaI have been slaving away in the Farfisa kitchen, whipping up something for you guys. Introducing My Farfisa, a new section of the site where anyone who registers with the site can post about their Farfisa. I hope to build a living database of all who still dream the Farfisa dream.

Enough reading already, head on over to My Farfisa and start sharing your Farfisa joy with the world!

One comment on “NEW! Share your Farfisa with the world!

  • John Bezjian says:

    I currently on a Farfisa Compact Duo organ. I started using a neighbors red Farfisa Combo Compact back in Jr. High school with my first band in Boston. When her father wanted the Farfisa Compact back at their house I convinced my mom (against my Dad’s wishes… lol. I was the oldest of 5 kids and my parents didn’t have the money to buy expensive instruments like organs back then, I had been playing accordion because we couldn’t afford a piano) to buy me my first Farfisa, the Fast 2. It only worked for about a week then died. We went back to the store and they had another Fast 2 in stock so the gave me that one. It worked for a few days the it too died. My Dad was pissed and he said he and my mom were going back to the store and if they couldn’t replace it with something that worked, I’d have to go without and borrow something from someone… I knew the only other Farfisa at the store was a Combo Compact DeLuxe and it was almost $900, which back then was like $10,000!

    That night when they came home, my mom said, they didn’t have anything to replace the Fast 2 with, but she got me some literature. I looked in her hand and it was the owners manual for the Compact DeLuxe! I said, why would they give you the manual? That’s not a product brochure.
    Then my dad says, it’s in the trunk… If you can lift the damn thing up and carry it you can have it!
    I ran out to the driveway, opened the trunk of his car and I there was the Farfisa Compact DeLuxe I’d seen at the store. I muscled it into the family room and my dad then says, ” that other Fast 2 had a built I amp and speakers, this one doesn’t make any sound without an amp, what are you going to do hear it?”

    I said I’ll play it thru our HiFi here at home and I can plug into my guitar player’s Fender Amp at gigs! He laughed and said, so you’ve got it all figured out huh?
    Then he said, there’s an amp in the back seat of the car too.
    He had also bought me a bass amp with a 15″ speaker for the Compact DeLuxe.
    Which was perfect since I played the left hand bass on the organ like Ray Manzarek of The Doors, in my little 3 piece band. Later I bought a Leslie speaker for the Farfisa.

    I eventually traded my Farfisa Compact DeLuxe for my first Hammond Console organ and was happy to let it go for a “real organ” my Hammond.

    As years went by, I came to appreciate the unique sound of the Farfisa and finally found a decent, working Compact Duo which I’d always wanted since the upper manual was the exact same organ and stops as my original Compact DeLuxe, but had the added lower manual with it’s limited voicing stops.

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