Dengue Fever’s Ethan Holtzman Talks About Farfisas

Check out this great video from gearwire where they interview Dengue Fever’s Ethan Holtzman about his Farfisa and his Nord that he tours with. While he sticks to the Farfisa, among other vintage (and heavy) gear in the studio, he loves his Nord for the road.

He even gives a shout out to Robert’s excellent Combo Organ Heaven!!!

In the battle between authenticity and portability, the Nord Stage Compact has it over Ethan Holtzman’s vintage Farfisa organ, as Ethan opts to leave the old thing home when his band, Dengue Fever, takes to the road [or skies, as the case may be].

Patrick Ogle caught up with Ethan at a Dengue Fever sound check and chatted about the differences between what he uses in the studio and what gear he brings on tour. While Ethan does admire the Nord’s sample patches, their are some Farfisa qualities it cannot reproduce, like the Farfisa’s ability to “harness the power of a nest of bees.” True story.