Farfisa Amplifiers

Specially Designed & Engineered Amplifiers For Compact Electonic Organs

Sabre Reverb I

Specially designed for the modern Compact organs, this fully transistorized amplifier projects sound with more power and more bite than any other amplifier. Uniquely engineered, the Sanbre Reverb I is ideal for every Farfisa Compact organ.

50 watts power
14″ side-mounted heavy-duty mid-range driver horn
15″ heavy-duty front-mounted full range speaker
True Reverberation with full control
Dual input, single channel operation
Precision volume control
Separate bass and treble controls
Durable grey vinyl covering

Farfisa BT 40

Straight from the Farfisa Compact organ electronic engineers, the BT 40 is for all combo work, featuring dual input operation to facilitate amplification of other instruments of the group.

40 watts power
Extra sensitive 15″ speaker in special reflex enclosure
Dual input single channel operation
Precision volume control
Full tone control
Two position slide-switch for maximum treble boost
Illuminated control panel
Durable black simulated leather covering
Sturdy front supports with Easy-Roll wheels on rear

Cordovox CL-10 Leslie Tone Cabinet

A big new sound for your Farfisa organ is available with this sensational new Leslie Tone Cabinet. Your music will have that big console organ sound, with richer, fuller tones, spectacular and brilliant. The sound of a Compact organ will come alive as the whirling Leslie speaker amplifies and disperses sound – dramatic, deep lows, and brilliant, biting highs.

With the Footswitch you can play through your regular amplifier or the Leslie Tone Cabinet, selecting either the exciting, pulsating Leslie Tremolo or the majestic, rolling Chorus Reverberation.

Rotating Leslie Speaker
Footswitch cuts Leslie in or out
Convenient top access controls
Leslie Tremolo On-Off
Choruse Reverberation On-Off

Compact Electronic Organs Swing With The Action – Wherever It Is!

Farfisa Amplifiers

26 comments on “Farfisa Amplifiers

  • J. Schoemaker says:

    I miss the Farfisa TR-70 OS. I use it with a Stratocaster and a Telecaster.

  • Found an old Farfisa A73, playing guitar through it, cant find this model on internet, anyone know anything about it?

  • hi! do you hane any documents or photos of the amp farfisa tr 70 os!! I have one and it’s great!

  • jérôme Ummel says:

    I have a farfisa amp rsc 350 but I have lost the pedal !!! Do you know if i can find another one ? Thanks a lot. Jérôme

  • Hello i need schematic of a amplifier Farfisa GR (guitar amplifier)to repair that.
    A friend gives to me that, and it was not good, in special preamp, whith numerous cables from pots, and input jacks dessoldered.
    The amp part is now fully restored, al tubes (ECC82 and 4 EL34) are good, electrolitic caps restored and funcional.
    Please if anybody has a schematic, i ‘m very hapy if you help me.
    Sorry bad english and thank for your help.

  • gaitadura,

    Greetings to Portugal for you!

    Sorry, I have never heard of that amp, I don’t have any schematics or anything.

    Good Luck in your search!


  • jérôme Ummel,

    It should be a regular amp switch. Try some different styles (TS or TRS, etc…).

    Good Luck,

  • Thank you Jim, The Farfisa GR guitar amplifier has in front panel that:
    “Farfisa GR a division of Lear Siegler Inc. USA”, and i remember was an amplifier very used here in Portugal in the last years of 60 and 70.
    Has power of 100W with 2 tubes ecc82 and 4 EL34 in Push-Pull-Paralel.
    The pre amp,is made in transistors and IC, an has a mechanical reberb unit.

  • Hey Maka,

    Never heard of that one. If you send me some pics/video/whatever I will post about it.


  • I have a B73 speaker cab.
    It’s a Leslie just the same as a vibratone badged by fender, no amp and only 1 speed on the rotor
    I am about to convert it to a fender look,
    Originally blue and silver
    Sounds great

  • Hello There….!
    How are you. I have a question about my FARFISA TR 70-OS.
    I dont know what ContactSwitch to use for the Spheresound. Is there an original one and is possible to find it?



  • robert carr says:

    could you advise me where I could purchase a cable to connect a farfisa transicord deluxe accordion to an amplifier

  • hi, your website is amaizing!

    i am from italy and i think it is funny that i am writing to usa to ask about italian vintage… i am for buying a amp farfisa p200…I am looiking for an amp to use whit a digital keybord and an analog organ (crumar t1…); here a heard from a sepcialist that this amp could play well used with both, digital and analog amps… do you have an idea about it? moreover, i need to know about rms watts… which is the power of that amp? this kind of informazion is crucial for me because of guitars volume…

    thank you for the great job you area doing!

  • Hi Chicco,

    Sorry, I had never heard about the Farfisa p200 Amplifier until this very minute. It must have never been brought into the states.

    My experience with vintage amps is that while they sound great with both digital and analog keyboards, they are not terribly loud. A quick google brought up some pictures of the P200 Amp, and it looks more like a 70’s model than a 60’s model, which is better news, but you will have to play through it to know for sure.

    Good Luck!

  • Andrew Heck says:

    I own a Farfisa BT 40 organ amp. Anyone have any info on this/how much could I sell this amp for?

    Any info is helpful.

  • Hello – I have just bought a transicord accordion, but I don’t have the amp. Any idea where I could get one? (I have the cable / plug). Thanks

  • hi ! I have a Farfisa TR70 ( modelnr. 31114-E , made by FarFisa for Lear & Siegler div. USA ) that I want to repair.Some resistors are burned and a RCA 40635 transistor is dead . Therefor I need a schematic , and eventually a replacement number for that RCA 40635 transistor .
    Anyone ? greetings & thx !!!

  • …since we are at it…I’ve also a FarFisa RSC 350-E Lesley amp awaiting to be repaired , but the controls/box are missing . I have the cable , and I’m able to re-produce the control-box but I don’t seem to find the original 12-pin (male-)connector …if anyone want to sell the controlbox or knows where to find the connector …?…greetings & thx !!!

  • Sada sam restaurirao pojacalo Farfisa p200 radi sa Yamahinom klavijaurom svrseno…
    Zvuk kakav skoro nisam cuo inace ima realnih 330 vatii kad radi rusi kucu.pozzz

  • excuse i m looking for a b73 i have a and l73 and i m looking for pedal etc for complete an abl73.

  • for: ivan alias lordbizarre

    I have amplifier Farfisa TR 70 and a schematic, and I can scan diagram and send you to your e-mail if you post your e-mail.

  • Hi Davor. I’m just retrieving my TR70 from the slightly damp basement where it’s been for the past 5 years so I anticipate it’ll need an overhaul. can you send me the diagram so I can pass it onto whoever I find to service it – unless you can recommend someone? Thanks.

  • Hi
    Do you know how activate the reverb and the sferasound on Farfisa TR70-OS ?
    Thanks in advance

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