Farfisa Fast 5 on ebay in need of love

Check out this auction from a highly rated seller on ebay. It needs work, but it is fairly priced, and includes all the fixings including legs, the lid, a volume pedal, and a carrying case!

You are bidding on a RARE Farfisa Fast 5 compact organ. (FAST stands for “Farfisa All Silicon Transistorized) Farfisa organs became popular among rock bands and other combo groups and were responsible for some of the really great sounds of the 1960s.

Also included in the bid is a passive pedal, owners manual, schematic diagram, soft case (in need of zipper).

This machine works but has some dead keys, and needs to be serviced.

The body has some scratches, marks and signs of age and use. We wiped it down, but it also needs a good bath.

This is a hard-to-find, very desirable “rock” icon from the 1960’s.