Farfisa Matador-R Electronic Organ Schematic Diagrams

All for you, here is the Farfisa Matador schematic for your viewing and tweaking pleasure. This also includes the ridiculously awesome inner workings of the vibrato, percussion, tone generators, and much, much more!

You can tell me in the comments how awesome I am.

Don’t blame me if you hurt yourself or your organ by using these schematics to try to fix your organ. If you can, try to find yourself a technician that knows how to work on organs. If we don’t take care of them, they may go extinct!

If you need to save them, or to look at a larger version of the page, just right click the image and save target as…

41 comments on “Farfisa Matador-R Electronic Organ Schematic Diagrams

  • Gary in Raleigh says:

    As an Engineer, I’m amazed when I look at schematics like this.
    These days, no one in the world would design tone generators like these. They all work independently, with no crystal reference. The design depends entirely on the precision of the components in order to keep things in tune.

    Thanks for posting this – it’s a real work of art.

  • hi! i own a Farfisa Matador 80.. do you have any info about this organ? i haven´t found much on-line.. like fabrication year, value, anything you have.. thank you

  • HI!!! I own the Farfisa Matador – R !
    You helped me alot with those schematics! One note was playing incorectly.
    I foud out that the problem was in the frequency devider chip.
    Now they are playing like new!

  • seriously,
    thank you so much for posting this and making it available.
    I’m trying to convert the power from German to NA on this Matador I picked up last year.
    This schematic will be very helpful!

  • Hi guys,
    I got a Farfisa Matador as a present, but the A flat key doesn’t work in any octave. I have no experience in fixing things, does anybody know how I could make it work again?

    Thank you and have a nice day!


  • Eddie pren says:

    I’ve got a matador which I love. one of My favorite parts is when I play two or three note chords the crazy sounds it produced.

    The reason why I am posting though is that my friend, who was using at the gig, didn’t tighten up his keyboard stand and when he placed it on top my matador crashed to the floor. Now, none of the keys work and I miss hearing it.

    I see the first poster,gary, is from Raleigh. Well I live in Richmond. Would you try and fix it if I drive it down to you? Does anyone know a repair person that will work on farfisas in the mid Atlantic region? Does my problem sound like the kind of thing that’s going to cost a ton if money?

    Thank you all

  • hello
    I own a matador 80
    i ‘d like to know
    how to tune it be cause it sounds
    like it’s in 438 Hz
    or something like this
    thank you for your answers..

    P.S.: That farfisa matador is great!!
    i prefer reed with brilliance though it’s cruel to my ears
    (very trebled)!!!
    bass is also awesome
    chords too!

  • Hi,

    I own Farfissa 110 Professional organs and I need schematics for them? Don’t You accidentally know where I can find it? Thanks for all Your help in advance!!


  • Has anyone got the schematics for a farfisa compact combo I ? Black Bass notes work, so do the grey trebles, but the white notes keep cutting out/being quiet…. Suggestions ? (i don’;t knwo anyone who mends these btw, so don’t suggest, ‘take it to a mender!’ ! )

  • I have the schematics for the Deluxe, and the Duo here: http://farfisa.org/category/schematics/ If you have the grey switchable octave, you may have a Deluxe.

    White notes cutting out could be way too many things. You’ll have to narrow it down. Could be simple things like dirty contacts, bad cord, etc…

  • Gunnar Gunnarsson says:

    I have a Farfisa matador-R and I have a problem with the octave range in the lowest 17 notes (lowest tenth). It sounds one octave too high.When the bass-sound is ON, it too sounds one octave too high. Only when the automat is ON it works OK. All connecors have been cleaned and I have all schematics. What can be wrong?

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the schema of Farfisa Matador.
    Have you the schema of cablage and the plan of implentation of the components?

    Thank you in advance
    Jacques of Switzerland

  • Jaiaro Olarte E. says:

    Tengo un Farfisa 251. En este momento está dañado y no lo puedo usar. Desearía tener el diagrama electrónico para poder arreglarlo. Muchas gracias.

  • Jairo Olarte E. says:

    I Have a Farfisa Organ, model 251. I need the schematic diagrams for repair. Thanks.

  • bonjour,
    je suis à la recherche du schema du farfisa matador AR…
    plus de son, à part la boite à rythme et un joli “ploc, ploc”, à chaque appuie de touche.
    sans doute l’oscillateur, mais sans schéma, c’est moins simple à réparer.
    merci pour votre aide

  • hi! i own a Farfisa Matador 80.. do you have any info about this organ? i haven´t found much on-line.. like Schematic Diagrams for amplifier,fabrication year, value, anything you have..
    I hope that you can help me.
    thank you

  • Hi,
    Sorry, i have not paste the good text,
    i own a Farfisa italy model numéro 6448 // 404 and search Schematics for the one.

  • Hi,
    Sorry, i have not paste the good text,
    i own a Farfisa italy model numéro 112466-E and Serial N° 6812/868
    and search Schematics for the one.

  • Matador!!!

    The bulb is burnt out in my volume pedal. I have been having a terrible time finding a replacement, especially since my old bulb was unfortunately thrown away. Any suggestions as to what the bulb type is and where a replacement can be found? The bulb from a Morely pedal looks similar, but I don’t know if it’s it.


  • Nick,

    The Bulb from those old Morley pedals are similar. Same for the knee booster of the compact series. Take a look at some of the schematics we have on the site for the Compact line and you’ll find your answers in there. I have bought them from Radio Shack.

    Good Luck,

  • I think to try this by micro controller. But you did without any micro controller. why? but now can I success if try with micro controller?

  • John Brewer says:

    Hi Jim.
    There is someone on the combo organ list (Yahoo groups) who has a problem with his Matador. I have posted the link to your drawings to him. I am sure you will make him very happy.
    Best regards.

  • Does anyone know where I can find the schematics for the Matador M (model 111124) Farfisa? ive had no luck on the web and really need these for my M….any help would be greatly appreciated! Will pay for original manual as well if available….thank you! 🙂

  • ho una pianola farfisa matador alex serie 6455 / 81 e non riesco ad aggiustarla. avete per caso gli schemi elettrici di quuesto modello??? grazie

  • CAVIN Bernard says:

    J’ai récupérer un MATADOR R, malheuresement je ne trouve nulle part de schéma de cablage et cet appareil a été bricolé et certains fils sont désoudés.
    Quelqu’un a t-il le schéma de cablage ? Merci infiniment à celui qui pourra m’aider. La partie ampli fonctionne parfaitement mais en amont je suis perdu.

  • Paulo Palmieri says:


    I need the matador wah wah schematics board. Anyone who helps?
    There are 4 caps (2 – 0.047uF, 1- 1000pF and 1 – 0.01uF) which was out of the board and I don´t now the order to put them in place…

    Thanks in advance,


  • Zsolt Vallyon says:

    Dear anyone!

    Unfortunately, I got an inoperative Farfisa Professional 110 organ.
    There is no visible flaw, but it sounds I can not elicit.
    Could someone send him a diagram to master a musical instrument repair to get started.
    I would really appreciate it.

    Vallyon Zsolt (Hungary)

  • Maria Luisa Isaza says:

    Hi! I need the Farfisa Matador 80 schematics. Anyone knows where can I get it?
    I would really appreciate it.

  • Hi all,

    Recently got my hands on a farfisa partner 5220 r.
    Would love to find the schematics or service manual
    really good sounds would love to tweak it thanks in advance
    [email protected]

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