Farfisa Soundmaker Service Manual and Schematics

Well, this is a new approach. A truly nice human being, BasementLoadSound has scanned in, and made an HD video of the complete Farfisa Soundmaker Service Manual which includes all of the schematics. Here’s his description:

Very rare and cool 1979 Farfisa Soundmaker service manual (Italian and English). Maybe the only one all over the world 🙂 I did my best to scan the pages but you have to watch the video full screen and possibly in HD resolution. Hope Soundmaker owners will find this document useful.

Farfisa Matador-R Electronic Organ Schematic Diagrams

All for you, here is the Farfisa Matador schematic for your viewing and tweaking pleasure. This also includes the ridiculously awesome inner workings of the vibrato, percussion, tone generators, and much, much more!

You can tell me in the comments how awesome I am.

Don’t blame me if you hurt yourself or your organ by using these schematics to try to fix your organ. If you can, try to find yourself a technician that knows how to work on organs. If we don’t take care of them, they may go extinct!

If you need to save them, or to look at a larger version of the page, just right click the image and save target as…

Farfisa Compact Duo Schematics

Here we have the schematic for a Farfisa Compact Duo combo organ. Back before there were websites, cameras and photographs and such, companies used to draw out these little lines and stuff to tell you how their stuff worked. Sometimes the guys that built the organs read these to learn how to build them.

You’ll probably need the F/AR schematic too.

Don’t be stupid and hurt yourself if you are going to work on your organ. You really should find a tech to work on your gear. That way he can do what he does, and you can do what you do.