Farfisa Soundmaker Service Manual and Schematics

Well, this is a new approach. A truly nice human being, BasementLoadSound has scanned in, and made an HD video of the complete Farfisa Soundmaker Service Manual which includes all of the schematics. Here’s his description:

Very rare and cool 1979 Farfisa Soundmaker service manual (Italian and English). Maybe the only one all over the world 🙂 I did my best to scan the pages but you have to watch the video full screen and possibly in HD resolution. Hope Soundmaker owners will find this document useful.

11 comments on “Farfisa Soundmaker Service Manual and Schematics

  • I have a Farfisa TK-84 and I disk and ring on it. I searched everywhere and have not found anything for her. Pdf format and a technical book. Please some help. Thank you in advance

  • luigi cuzzovaglia says:

    I have a Farfisa TK-84 but don’t have a user guide, please if you give me manual guide in italian or English language
    my keyboard have a problem with some keys don’t have aftertouch, it is possible to mend? and as?

    thank you

  • Georges FAIN says:

    I have an EASYCHORD FARFISA electronic organ in no operating service actually because it’s broken.

    Can you send me the electronic schematics ?

    Thanks you.

  • Dear sir or madam.
    I picked up an old suitcase organ with the following markings… FARFISA, M06/43 Made in Italy, and Microrgan (large on front. Very simple with only 3 “tone” buttons in front.

    I opened it up and although the keyboard panel is working fine the electronics are not working. I have given it to an electrician who rebuilds motors but he can’t figure if the motor is dc or ac and what voltage, amps, etc… There is also a transformer inside and he thinks it is cooked. Of course I would like to restore to original but it may not be possible. Please, do you have any information that can help?

    Best regards

  • chris eschborn says:

    Too bad, it is virtually impossible to use, as the schematics are distorted, print is almost illegible, all are divided into sections. Why not do us all a favor, and make your scans available in PDF. At least then, we could print and tape together. And hopefully, it would not be so distorted. What a nice human being…

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