Farfisa Syntaccordion on Chicago Craigslist!

Here’s the link!

Farfisa Syntaccordion is supplied w/swell pedal & separate tone generator.

Connection to the general amplifer: Is made by means of the general outlet of the generator. Any good amplifer can be connected to Syntaccordion, however the model Farfisa TR-70 is recommended (60 watt RMS, two 12″ speakers, 2 independent channels each one having two iputs with Reverberation and controls for Volume-Bass-Middle-Treble).

Additional amplifcation: Three appropriate outputs of the generator allow the separate amplification of the following sections of Syntaccordion: 1 Flutes/Percussion/Presets. 2-Strings. 3-Piano/Harpsichord/Mono section.

It’s a traditional accordion: 41 keys, 3 sets of Treble reeds. 8 treble registers 120 basses. 4 set of Bass reeds. 3 Bass registers

Asking $5,000 or best offer. Manuals included also have the retail installment contract.