The Glendoras – By your tail

Ok, throwing in one more tune from my past.. This is By your tail with The Glendoras. We recorded this song in 1999. For a short while I lived in my moms house, she had moved out and was about to sell the house, and I was looking for a flat. Since my mom had moved, there were almost no furnitures in the house, so we moved in all our equipment, plus Göran’s recording gear, and “built” ourselves a “studio” there. The Farfisa got one bedroom, the drums another bedroom. The bass amp was placed in the kitchen, while we took turns with the guitars in the hallway. The mixer and recorder ended up in the living room. It took us a few days, but eventually we got about ten songs recorded. By your tail was one of them. I came up with the music and lyrics, obsessed by Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns and influenced by Night of the sadist. The song turned out pretty good I think. I love Patrik’s psychedelic organ solo, and the rest of his playing for that matter!

Line up:
Magnus Renström – Vocals and rhythm guitar
Teresa Smedberg – Drums
Rickard Westman – Bass
Patrik Leiderth – Farfisa organ
Mathias Westerlund – Lead guitar and backing vocals

Music & lyrics: Mathias Westerlund

Recorded by: Göran Thungström, Sundsvall, Sweden 1999