The Incredible Stacks, Holland’s Grooviest Band

Oh you must check out this fantastic performance by The Incredible Stacks from Leiden, Holland with their super groovy organ. What is that magic organ he is playing?

“Screen Door / Screen Door Echoes” by The Incredible Stacks. Garage Rock/Garage Funk improvisation withdrums, bass and organ recorded at their studio in Leiden (Holland).

Farfisa CER-60 Melodic Rhythmer Vintage Drum Machine

Check out this stellar old Farfisa Drum Machine video demo from your wonderful German friends at AnalogAudio1. Another one that I have never heard of. I bet this one never made it over to the states.

Playing around the Farfisa “Melodic Rhythmer” CER-60. It’s a very rare analogue drumbox from the seventies. Also known as “GOYA Melodic Rhythmer”. There are CANCEL tabs for several sounds: CYMBAL, CLAVES, COWBELL, BASSDRUM. With these tabs you can mute them.
This box has a funny design, it looks like a guitar amp. There is no speaker inside. It’s also perfect for your next prank with a guitar player 😉