Farfisa Pianorgan Console Organ

I saw the little thumbnail image for this guy and thought to myself, what could be in that box underneath the organ? Well, as you can see from the second pic, nothing! Here is what must be the super deluxe version of the reed organ known as the Pianorgan, mounted on some very nice looking mahogany, lined with tweed to hide the non-existent (and non-needed) speakers!

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Description: Vintage “Pianorgan” made in Italy, by Farfisa. I belive this one was imported to the US by RCA Victor Canada, but I am not sure. These are called “wind organs” because they play music by wind (generated by an electric motor) blowing through the reeds. They produce an accordian-like sound.

Pieces Included: The organ only.

Condition: This particular instrument missing the original legs. It also has a few cosmetic defects. The keys at the far right have had the feet come undone. Also the springs will need to be replaced as well. There is moderate wear to the finish, and the front panel has what looks like yellowing from the glue used in assembly. Despite the flaws mentioned, it is a very attractive, quality made instrument. I’ve included all the parts that needed to be reattached.

Testing: I plugged it in and it does make sound. With the missing feet it makes sound constantly. All of the other keys make sound just great.