Farfisa Soundmaker Analog Synthesizer

Check out this beautiful example of the Farfisa Soundmaker Synthesizer on ebay right now!

This is my Farfisa Soundmaker, and what an interesting beast it is!

Built from 1979 to 1981, this thing cost around £900 new (this model was bought in 1982, I think I’ve got the receipt somewhere!) which put it in competition with some pretty serious hardware. It also explains why it’s so rare. It was in production until just before MIDI, the Prophet 600 and Juno 106 came along, but looks like it’s from an entirely different era. The whole keyboard and front panel are angled slightly forwards, as it was designed to sit on top of a combo organ or piano (although a snazzy stand was also available as you’ll see from the promotional literature included).

Here’s the detail from Vintage Synth:

Built in 1979-81, the Soundmaker has Synth, String and Piano/Brass Sections. The Monophonic Synth section has 12 preset sounds (Tuba, Trombone, Trumpet, Sax, Clarinet, Oboe, Flute, Piccolo, Violin, Accordion, El Bass, El Guitar) and one Free patch which lets you use the controls to create your own sound. Basic controls for the filter, the one ADSR for the filter and/or the VCA, and the LFO are laid out plain and simple.

The Polyphonic Preset Synth section has Volume & Brightness controls for its four preset Piano type sounds (Piano, Electric Piano, Honkey Tonk, Brass).

The String section offers a fairly decent string sound with Volume, Brightness, Attack and Sustain controls for a choice of two preset strings (8″ footage or 4″ footage).

The Soundmaker is a bulky synth, weighing in at 27kg! Its keyboard may be split (at middle F only) and the Strings and Poly Synth sections play with the left hand and the Mono Synth plays with the right hand. The keyboard also has polyphonic aftertouch which can be used to control the Mono Synth Brilliance, OSC (vibrato), Synth Glide or Brass Brilliance. The String and Poly Synth sections can be switched to monophonic at the same time. The Farfisa is not the best String Machine you’ll ever hear, but it is very rare and that alone gives these machines some serious vintage appeal.

Here’s the detail on this Soundmaker:

Physically it’s in OK shape. There are some knocks in the walnut veneered cabinet, as you’d expect from a 30-year old instrument. It’s also very heavy (see above) and built like a tank. The only bodywork point to mention really, is that the hole for one leg of the detachable music stand has chipped, leaving a gap about 7cm long. It doesn’t show when the stand is in place, however.

Electronically, this synthesizer is in need of a little attention. The ‘poli synth’ (sic) section works fine. The monosynth section does not. It really is probably the simplest of repairs – but I haven’t the time or skills to carry it out. There is a full set of schematics and a fantastically detailed Service Manual included, so for someone with the ability, this would make an excellent project. It’s also had what appears to be a pitchbend/modulation modification added to the left hand keyboard cheek. Again, it looks like a professionally done job though.

I’m including the original Service Manual, a Sales Brochure, a Brochure/Manual and a patch guide called ‘Some Registrations’ (it’s that organ-based theme again!)

I’m happy to ship worldwide, but remember, this thing is HEAVY. 27kg of heavy, in fact. And that’s before packing materials. UK shipping will be £19.80, Europe £32, USA £126

Farfisa Microrgan

The Farfisa MicrOrgan was one of the earlier reed organs, all done up classy in a beautiful art deco style. Like most of the other Farfisa reed organs, it folds up nice into its own little carrying case, complete with legs and all. This one is up on ebay right now. Here is a description from the seller:

FARFISA MicrOrgan CHORD ORGAN in CASE. 100% complete & working. Made in Italy in the late 1950’s. This is a reed Organ with an Art deco design. Built into case like an old combo organ. Has detachable legs that store in the case. Excellent condition.

Farfisa 8 Amplifier

Take a look at this rare Farfisa amp, the Farfisa 8 on ebay right now! I have never heard of this model, so tiny and cute! It looks full of features, and is quite a sexy looking little amp. Here’s the description from the seller:

This is an extremely rare Farfisa 8, 8 watt tube practice amp for guitar, ez81 rectifier, single el84 power tube, and two ecc83 preamp tubes, has volume, tone, and superb vibrato. Speakers are two 6″ Quam alnicos (not original). The amp has been totally gone through by one of Portland’s best tube techs, and has new filter caps. He also put in a new, custom wound, power transformer because the last one was non original and not a good match for this amp. The sound is a warm tube sound, fairly clean with single coils, more breakup with humbuckers. Just on its own, it is a fairly unremarkable amp, but once you put a boost in front of it, it becomes a wailing tone monster. I used a Zendrive with it and got great sounds. As I say, the vibrato is also very clear and cool. As you can see, there are some tears in the speaker cloth and some scuffs, but over all it looks quite good.

Super Styling Farfisa Super Piano

How lucky are we? Twice in our lifetime we get to see a Farfisa Super Piano! This awesome seller deals in mod furniture and whatnot, with some very nice stuff, it’s no wonder they stumbled across this awesome Italian console. It’s too bad they don’t look as good as they sound! On ebay right now.

this is a real cool 70’s Farfisa Super Piano made in Italy with a rare custom Danish modern Bent teak cabinet and has the matching bench. The thing plays well comes with the original manuals and the sheet music holder. The case is matched fall lines of flame teak. The case is particle board and thee is minor damage. this link will include more photos of the small nicks to the black lacquer and a chip on the lower bottom side and a ding in the back. the piano plays well all keys work, the left foot pedal seems to be dead as there seems to be no spring in it. It has output for two amps and has 3 speakers in the case all about 10″. I prefer local pick up but I will ship meet your shipper; I suggest using Plycon and estimate the weight at 125 lbs from Long Beach Ca 90814 zip code, and use the dimensions listed. One of the orange sliders does not attach and is resting on its post.

Farfisa VIP 205R Combo Organ Appears

Take a look at this rare bird up on ebay right now. The Farfisa VIP205R is like a super Matador with all the bells and whistles, why yes, the R does stand for rhythm!

Beautiful 1970s Farfisa Combo Organ. Model VIP 205r with the Funky built in Rhythm Machine!!! Has all the classic Farfisa and Combo organ sounds plus an added Wah Wah feature and a delay function on the Vibrato, it is quite cool.

This Item is super Nice and Super Rare, still I am not a dealer and not responsible for it once it is shipped out from my place. This is a Vintage Farfisa Combo Organ and it is sold As-Is BUT I still say that aside from a scratchy pot or dirty contact or two, this thing is in Full Working Order.

Farfisa Pianorgan Console Organ

I saw the little thumbnail image for this guy and thought to myself, what could be in that box underneath the organ? Well, as you can see from the second pic, nothing! Here is what must be the super deluxe version of the reed organ known as the Pianorgan, mounted on some very nice looking mahogany, lined with tweed to hide the non-existent (and non-needed) speakers!

On ebay right now!

Farfisa Portorgan Reed Organ

Either there is a major resurgence of the popularity of reed organs, or a lot of people are getting their spring cleaning done! Here’s another “wind organ” that has popped up on ebay, the Farfisa Portorgan (though the seller spelled it portogram). He doesn’t have much info listed, but he does have the lid!

Made in Italy
(Matr. P 161/1222)

circa 1970

model no. P-12
Volts 110-120 AC
Cycles 60
Watts 50

Refurbished by Unicord Inc.
Garden City Park, NJ

Farfisa Organtone Reed Organ

Here’s a new one that I haven’t seen before, the Farfisa Organtone. Looks exactly like the previously mentioned Pianorgan (and Royal Artist Piano), but instead of nice Quartersawn White Oak, it is made out of what looks like nicer Santos Mahogany!

This one is for sale up on ebay right now, here’s the link.

You are bidding on this vintage “ORGANTONE” made in Italy, by Farfisa. I’ve heard these were imported to the US by Gretsch, but I am not sure. These are called “wind organs” because they play music by wind (generated by an electric motor) blowing through the reeds. They produce an accordian-like sound. It is in great condition & WORKS. All the keys work execpt for the last key on the right that is very low (it needs a good tunning from being storage) It is missing the original legs. It also has a few VERY LIGHT cosmetic defects SEE PICTURES.There is moderate wear to the finish, it is a very attractive, quality made instrument.

Farfisa Pianorgan on ebay

Visit this auction to buy!.

Description: Vintage “Pianorgan” made in Italy, by Farfisa. I belive this one was imported to the US by RCA Victor Canada, but I am not sure. These are called “wind organs” because they play music by wind (generated by an electric motor) blowing through the reeds. They produce an accordian-like sound.

Pieces Included: The organ only.

Condition: This particular instrument missing the original legs. It also has a few cosmetic defects. The keys at the far right have had the feet come undone. Also the springs will need to be replaced as well. There is moderate wear to the finish, and the front panel has what looks like yellowing from the glue used in assembly. Despite the flaws mentioned, it is a very attractive, quality made instrument. I’ve included all the parts that needed to be reattached.

Testing: I plugged it in and it does make sound. With the missing feet it makes sound constantly. All of the other keys make sound just great.