Super Styling Farfisa Super Piano

How lucky are we? Twice in our lifetime we get to see a Farfisa Super Piano! This awesome seller deals in mod furniture and whatnot, with some very nice stuff, it’s no wonder they stumbled across this awesome Italian console. It’s too bad they don’t look as good as they sound! On ebay right now.

this is a real cool 70’s Farfisa Super Piano made in Italy with a rare custom Danish modern Bent teak cabinet and has the matching bench. The thing plays well comes with the original manuals and the sheet music holder. The case is matched fall lines of flame teak. The case is particle board and thee is minor damage. this link will include more photos of the small nicks to the black lacquer and a chip on the lower bottom side and a ding in the back. the piano plays well all keys work, the left foot pedal seems to be dead as there seems to be no spring in it. It has output for two amps and has 3 speakers in the case all about 10″. I prefer local pick up but I will ship meet your shipper; I suggest using Plycon and estimate the weight at 125 lbs from Long Beach Ca 90814 zip code, and use the dimensions listed. One of the orange sliders does not attach and is resting on its post.

Farfisa VIP 205R Combo Organ Appears

Take a look at this rare bird up on ebay right now. The Farfisa VIP205R is like a super Matador with all the bells and whistles, why yes, the R does stand for rhythm!

Beautiful 1970s Farfisa Combo Organ. Model VIP 205r with the Funky built in Rhythm Machine!!! Has all the classic Farfisa and Combo organ sounds plus an added Wah Wah feature and a delay function on the Vibrato, it is quite cool.

This Item is super Nice and Super Rare, still I am not a dealer and not responsible for it once it is shipped out from my place. This is a Vintage Farfisa Combo Organ and it is sold As-Is BUT I still say that aside from a scratchy pot or dirty contact or two, this thing is in Full Working Order.

Farfisa Pianorgan Console Organ

I saw the little thumbnail image for this guy and thought to myself, what could be in that box underneath the organ? Well, as you can see from the second pic, nothing! Here is what must be the super deluxe version of the reed organ known as the Pianorgan, mounted on some very nice looking mahogany, lined with tweed to hide the non-existent (and non-needed) speakers!

On ebay right now!